We are a passionate group dedicated to improving lives through the service dogs we breed, train, and love. Northeast Canine is a 501(c)(3) Organization.

Meet the Team

Our Mission is to have our dogs enhance the lives of our wounded Warriors and First Responders by giving them back their comfort and confidence to move about. Once they are matched with one of our dogs it will motivate them, add hope, and help them believe in a limitless future.

Co-Owner John Doe

Megan Kokaras
Northeast Canine Founder, Lead Trainer, and Board President

Megan has dedicated herself to training Great Danes as Service Dogs for veterans and others in need of mobility assistance for the past 10 years. She oversees all aspects of NEC’s breeding and training programs. Megan is passionate about serving those who have served others and helping them regain their independence with the support of an expertly trained Service Dog.

Co-Owner John Doe

Colleen O'Connell
Trainer, Chair of Board

Colleen is a lifelong professional in the canine industry. She has dedicated over 20 years to training service dogs for people in need with an unwavering dedication. Colleen is also the founder of local business, Sedille’s Pet Grooming, which has been serving the community since 1997. Colleen’s experience teaching and readying service dogs to go home with their new partners make her invaluable to NEC.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Steve Girad
Trainer, Board Veteran Liaison

Steve is a Military Police Veteran and a retired Police Detective Sergeant and K-9 Officer. He has over 25 years experience as a K-9 Trainer and Handler specializing in Behavioral issues. Most recently he used his extensive experience and expertise to train Great Danes as Service Dogs.  Steve continues this work with NEC, bringing with him an important perspective as our Veteran Liaison.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Devin Diberto

Devin has over 10 years experience working with Great Danes and preparing them for their role as Service Dogs. She has channeled this passion into her own business where she offers basic obedience and behavior modification to the canines of private clients. Devin continues to develop her skills and talent through seminars and workshops. Devin is thrilled to change lives one dog at a time as part of the NEC team.

Co-Owner John Doe

Maggie Hackett

Maggie holds a  B.S. in Animal Behavior from the University of New England and is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. Maggie has worked with and trained Great Danes for mobility service for 7 years. She is the founder of The Canine Classroom where she works with dogs on behavior modification.  Maggie welcomes NEC’s dogs into her classroom and her home, adding an important dimension to their training.

Co-Owner John Doe

Margaret Mulcahy

Margaret began working with service dogs under Megan's guidance in 2013. She is passionate about the human-canine bond and is a certified therapy dog team with her own dog. Margaret takes dogs into the field and her home to reinforce their training and provide them with new exposures. Margaret is excited to help NEC’s dogs "walk on" and bring their partners into a fuller life in the community.

Co-Owner John Doe

Adam Wiggin
Vice President of Board

Adam has a deep background in management, events, fundraising, and technical/design project building. He supports the NEC team with his knowledge of complex technical systems, design/branding skills, and quality leadership. As Vice President of the Board, he works to serve the team in strengthening processes and facilitating fundraising efforts.

Co-Owner John Doe

Megan Berry
Board Member, Secretary

Megan has had a love of all things four legged since birth. As a lover of large breeds, great danes are a perfect fit. Her passion for helping others is her motivation for joining NEC. Outside of NEC she has been a full time nurse for 9+ years and currently works in a local emergency room. Megan is also a proud dog mom to a 3 year old great dane named Tripp. "I am so excited to give my time to something I am so passionate about and to be apart of such an amazing team of people and dogs"

Co-Owner John Doe

Sharon Smart
Board Member

As a lover of all animals, Sharon has always sought out ways to be involved with bringing better lives to those animals in need.  Having worked with domestic and wildlife rescues, she's developed an even deeper love and respect for animals and the impact they have on us everyday. Sharon has seen the transformation that is made when an animal is saved from a cruel and horrific world to one that is fun, caring and full of love.  Not only are the animals saved, but so are the families that take them in.  Outside of the NEC, Sharon works full time as a controller for a lumber yard.  That position in conjunction with her 15+ years in the financial industry has given Sharon the experience to help NEC reach its full potential and reach all those in need.

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